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Email Marketing Pricing | Electronic Newsletter Optimization

A consistent email marketing campaign that offers your customers value-added information can help you stay at the forefront of your customer's minds. A custom email marketing campaign managed by our internationally recognised team of email marketing strategists can:

  • Promote brand loyalty and brand recognition among email newsletter subscribers
  • Encourage previous, current and potential customers alike to visit your website and make a purchase through effective brand messaging
  • Facilitate increased open rates and click-through-rates through the use of compelling messages and unique designs

The reason for this is that it is a cheaper alternative to printed literature, much faster and can be tracked and traced to reveal how many users opened, read, clicked through from or forwarded an email.

Email campaigns can use graphic elements, just as you'd expect with a leaflet or corporate brochure, but also allows users to click through onto your website and make a purchase within seconds of receiving the email.

Email campaigns can be monitored heavily, therefore giving you instant access to valuable data and ROI figures. Cornerstone can talk you through the process of creating the perfect email campaign for your company, and implement and monitor it in order to measure its success.

Our email campaign services also include:

Campaign Management
We'll manage your campaign from start to finish - hassle free
Email Template Creation
We create custom coded html email templates specific for your company's campaigns
Graphic Design
Every good campaign needs a creative and innovative design to ensure maximum impact
Data Cleaning
We'll keep your data clean and up to date, ensuring a quality list of contacts
Contact Management
Our integrated systems allow for subscribers and contacts to be managed virtually, without time consuming manual inputting of details Campaign Analysis & Reporting
All Cornerstone email campaigns come with statistical reporting and analysis, giving you a deeper understanding of how your campaign has performed