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Corporate Reputation Management: Protect or Restore Your Company's Good Name

The internet is an exciting place that's hard to keep up with. It's the world's largest platform for anyone and everyone to voice their opinion. Whether good or bad and whether you're aware or not - people are talking about your business and brand online using social media outlets, forums, instant messaging and more.

Today, anything can be published online. Has your business been, or have the potential to be, scrutinised in a negative light? It could be negative reviews, untrue allegations or worse. Instead of simply hiding these negative results, Artbees's corporate reputation management ensures these words don't go viral. Here's how:

  • Customised solutions that help companies restore their online brand reputation and prevent possible attacks
  • Comprehensive tracking of what is being said about you or your company online and across the social media world, including monitoring across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.
  • Aggressive population of positive links to your website and positive content we create on your behalf within the search engines, pushing negative results into oblivion