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Off Site SEO

Off-Site SEO can boost good On-Site SEO to help achieve a strong online presence overall. It can also improve brand image and help increase interest in the product or service you’re selling.


What is Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation?

Off-Site SEO includes everything not contained within your website that can be used to influence search rankings, these can be things such as blog posts, directories and forums, social media reach, press releases and link building exercises. For effective SEO and to achieve the best results On-Site and Off-Site SEO should work alongside each other to ensure optimum results are accomplished.


Why use Artbees for your Off-Site SEO?

Artbees is a full stack company located in Edinburgh and London. We specialise in Off-Site and On-Site SEO and work with clients around the north west tailoring solutions to fit their needs, whether that requires an ongoing programme of SEO such as article copy writing / submission and continuous link building exercises or AD SEO and strategy report; we have a proven record of improving clients online performance.


Directories / Forums

Directories feed information to search engines on a regular basis. Being included on directory sites regardless of their status value is an important step to building better SEO. Directories will help to categorise your website and send this information straight to search engines.


Press Releases

Keep search engines and your target market up to date with all your latest news, products, promotions and anything else they might find of interest. This can be done by using On-line methods to update your website and Off-line methods through social media channels and blog submissions.


Link Building

Links can be self-created through forum signatures, blog comments and user profiles or manual through directories or paid listings. Links can also be gained by editorial submissions by referencing interesting or useful content.


Article Submissions

If you submit articles to high quality websites it can hugely increase your Off-Site SEO presence. The content must be relevant though to help increase visibility and generate good quality external links back to your site.


Blog Posting / Commenting

An up to date blog will ensure that every time a search engine crawls your website the content will always be up to date, new and relevant, thus helping to increase your search engine rankings. You can also then submit these blog articles to reputable websites and receive inbound links to gain better coverage.


Social Media Reach

Promote and optimise your social presence through the use of various social media channels. Then use these channels to share valuable and relevant content whilst building better relationships with customer / clients by interacting with your target audience.