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On-Site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good On-Site SEO is critical if you want to achieve better search rankings and improve your brand exposure and site traffic. It can help generate increased sales and gives good return on investment. Sound good?

Then we recommend getting in touch with us sooner rather than later.


What is On-Site Search Engine Optimisation?

On-Site SEO includes everything within your website that can be changed and manipulated to influence search results. It’s so important that this is done correctly, badly optimised web pages can severely damage your search engine rankings or even worse get your site kicked off completely. At Artbees Creative we'll make sure that everything is specifically tailored, relevant and properly indexed to boost your rankings and give you a solid foundation to help start your SEO journey.


Why use Artbees Creative for your On-Site SEO?

We have a wealth of experience in providing our clients with On-Site SEO in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We only use ethical methods of SEO ensuring our clients receive good ROI and long term results.


Meta Keywords and Descriptions

These elements provide information about the content of your web pages and help search engines categorise them correctly.


Title Tags

Title tags are important elements when trying to achieving high rankings. Optimising these can help increase targeted search engine traffic.


Page Content and Headers

These all have to be relevant to each other and reflect the page’s title tag. Header 1 and header 2 copy should be keyword focused to help search engines index pages correctly.


Image Alt Tags

We ensure all images are described using Alt Tags. This helps with optimisation and accessibility.


Site Architecture

We plan and look closely at the site architecture either before designing a website or reviewing sites for clients. We ensure that links are structured to help the user navigate through the site easily and efficiently.


Usability / Accessibility

We design and develop websites to be highly accessible and usable to help make your site relevant and informative not just for your visitors but for search engines too